Eric Cantona music plans

Eric Cantona music plans

Former footballer Eric Cantona has decided to embark on a music career. The former "Manchester United" star announced that he will now focus on music. He will release his debut single on June 2nd and then perform several concerts in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Cantona shared a teaser of his upcoming song on his social media platforms, accompanied by the concise caption, "I am releasing my first single." In the video, the footballer strikes a pose reminiscent of Hamlet, but instead of a skull, he holds a model of his own head. Cantona also shared a link to his official website where fans can obtain membership cards to the CantonaSingsEric club, providing "privileged access" to performances and other creative events.

The French striker intends to embark on his first tour as a musician. In October, he will perform in Manchester, London, and Dublin.

"Next year, I will play with a band, but for now, I will start with a modest piano to perform solo in intimate venues," Cantona told NME. "I will start in Manchester because it is a city that has stayed with me, thanks to football, as well as the overall atmosphere."

This is not the first time the footballer has showcased his love for music. Earlier in 2020, he appeared in Liam Gallagher's music video for the song "Once" (2019), portraying a king.