Slow Dancing by V from BTS

Slow Dancing by V from BTS

Have you heard "Slow Dancing" by V from BTS? Taehyung has dropped 2 energetic remixes for this single.

"Slow Dancing" is a soulful throwback to the 1970s. V himself described it as a great tune to unwind to.

The first remix, "Slow Dancing (FRNK Remix)," amps up the BPM and transforms the ballad into a smooth dance track with live percussion and accelerated vocals.

The second version, "Slow Dancing (Cautious Clay Remix)," features a prominent flute. This arrangement with woodwind instruments places more emphasis on the instrumental part of the song, adding a jazzy mix while keeping the poignant chorus intact.

Just a reminder, in September, Taehyung released his album "Layover," with the title track being "Slow Dancing." Which version of the song do you prefer?