Dua Lipa and her mystery

Dua Lipa and her mystery

Dua Lipa teases fans with cryptic messages.

The pop star is preparing to release her new single titled "Houdini." In her latest post, she included a code revealing the track's name.

On her Instagram account, she shared a snippet of the new music in which she sings the line: "Tell me all the ways you'll need me."

At the end of this clip, a series of numbers appears: 4, 8, 9, 9, 14, 15, and 21. When these numbers are translated into equivalent letters, they spell out the name "Houdini."

The enigmatic references to Houdini don't stop there. Dua Lipa is depicted with a golden key necklace in her mouth. One of Houdini's signature tricks involved obtaining a key to his handcuffs during a kiss.

What awaits us in this single remains a mystery.